Script Savvy was founded in 2005, and grew rapidly due to a stellar reputation and positive word-of-mouth, particularly regarding our feedback.

In 2011, major turnover and other calamities caused the contest to suffer, experience a shift in management, and ultimately close.

We maintain this site to honor the winners, and all the writers who sent us their scripts, particularly the loyal customers who relied on our feedback month after month. It was a true privilege to get to know so many talented writers!

We'd also like to thank our judges who came to us from some of Hollywood's top institutions (CAA, ICM, Tri-Star, MGM, Universal, Imagine Entertainment, Happy Madison  Productions, Merchant Ivory Productions, MTV, Disney, Hallmark, Paramount, The Radmin Company, Lakeshore Entertainment, Viacom, HBO, Sony Pictures, Focus Features, and more) and worked tirelessly to provide truly valuable, detailed feedback to our customers.

After 5 years of steady-as-she-goes, it was incredibly difficult to falter and ultimately fail in our final year.

Our thanks to everyone who was positively impacted by Script Savvy over the years, and our apologies to those who were negatively impacted in 2011. We are working to resolve all open issues.

Keep working. Keep writing.